Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pimp My Ride

I haven't posted any pictures of my bike, so I thought I might post a few.  For you bike purists out there, be forewarned that this is an inexpensive "mountain" bike from Target.  I don't plan to ride down Pike's Peak; I just want to ride to work and ride with my daughter, so I didn't feel like it made sense to spend $500-$1,000 for a bicycle (not to mention that I can't afford to pay that much at this time).  Here she is:

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Here is a closeup of the handlebars.  The light on the left was the first light I bought.  It really isn't bright enough, but it has a flashing mode that I use to get the attention of automobile drivers.  The light on the right is my new one and is very bright, appropriate both for seeing where I'm going and making me more visible to to drivers.  You can also see my "rear view mirror," the little round Texas flag attached to my helmet:

Here is the back of the bike, where you cah see my underseat bag for carrying small items, my new bike rack for carrying my backpack or larger items, and my bright red blinking tail light (for saying to the cars, "Please don't hit me!").

I'm very happy with my bike!  Maybe down the road I'll see a need for a more expensive bicycle (and luckily all my lights/racks/bags can be mounted on any bike) but for now this meets my needs and is lots of fun!  If you ride, be safe and follow the laws!  Get a helmet, get lights, get seen!