Monday, October 30, 2006

Miracle Match Marathon Quick Report

Well, I got my PR, but not by as much as I was expecting. My unofficial time from Garmin is 4:49:27 (my old PR was 4:56:57). It was pretty warm (average of 68, high of 78 during the race) and really hilly (numerous long hills that required a slow walk). I enjoyed the race and had a great time, and I'm happy with the PR. I was hoping to get below 11:00 per mile but that didn't happen (11:02 actual). I might have done it if the course was a little better marked (more on that later) and a little less hilly.

You can relive the race and see the elevation gain and loss at MotionBased by clicking here.

My friend Frances also beat her goal. It was great to see many old friends and make some new ones!

I'll post a more complete race report later.