Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tom Waits and SunMart

No, Tom Waits will NOT be at SunMart (but wouldn't THAT be cool!). It's Tom's 57th birthday. Happy Birthday to the most innovative musician in American music today!

Tomorrow night, after my company Holiday party (uggh!) I'm heading to Huntsville, Texas for SunMart. This will be my third year in a row. My training has been spotty so I don't have any major goals for the race other than making the cutoffs and finishing (and having a good time). My bags are all packed, my flashlights are tested, my gel is ready, my Advil is stashed in my pack, all is ready. Just need to make the drive, then get up early and hit the trails. I'll post my results on Sunday.

Good Luck to Ed at the White Rock Marathon, and to anyone else racing this weekend.