Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A little update

I haven't posted in a while so I probably have very few readers left. For those of you diehards, here's a quick update.

I've had a great year so far. I've been doing some good training and getting in some good mileage. I've been doing some back-to-back long walks to prepare for Three Days of Syllamo. I also did the Houston Half Marathon with my brother and his wife (his first half, her second) and I paced someone last weekend for the last forty miles for Rocky Raccoon 100. She was injured but wanted to finish so the forty miles took us 15 hours! But she finished and got her buckle, so I was very happy for her. It took a lot of guts for her to stay out there and push herself to finish, especially since she is a fast runner and it was hard for her (mentally) to walk.

So here are my plans for the rest of the year:

02/14/07 - Cross Timbers (50 miles)
03/16/07 - Three Days of Syllamo: 50k
03/17/07 - Three Days of Syllamo: 50 Miles
03/18/07 - Three Days of Syllamo: 20k
04/01/07 - Texas Half Marathon (with brother and sister-in-law)
04/15/07 - Rocky Hill Ranch (50 miles)
06/09/07 - Laurel Highlands Ultra (70.5 miles)
07/07/07(?) - Capt'n Carl's Night Run (12 hours)
10/13/07 - Heartland (100 miles)
11/17/07 - Ultracentric (24 hours)
12/08/07(?) - SunMart (50 miles)

I'm excited about the year, especially about Heartland and Ultracentric.

Hope to see some of you guys on the trails!