Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My New Ride

I bought these this weekend. Nice ride, very lightweight, pretty good heel support, nice roll. I got some small blisters under some callouses on my heels, and the bottoms of my feet were sore the rest of the day, but I think that is because I didn't lace them tightly enough and I needed to wear thicker socks.

I did 21 miles (85 laps) on the track this weekend at a 12:02 pace. Did I mention I'm training for Ultracentric 24 hour? I've been all over the map with my training and racing plans, but I've decided to throw myself fully into training for Ultracentric in November and the Houston Ultra Weekend in February. I might do a twelve hour or another 24 hour as a training race before then; we'll just see how things go. I never realized how much I would miss the ultra distances, and the ultra people, when I took my little break. So I'm back. For now. ;)