Monday, July 17, 2006

Ultracentric 2006

Ultracentric has a new Race Director, and the race has changed quite a bit. It's now a 48/24/12/6 hour race. It's moved up one weekend (it used to be the weekend after Thanksgiving). It's no longer on a high school track, it's on a 2.4 mile paved loop. And the 24 hour race has been designated the 2006 National 24 Hour Run Championship by the American Ultrarunning Association. For you speed demons, there's actually prize money, "the largest in ultramarathon national championship history in the United States" according to the AUA website.

Here's the new website. I'll miss the old race format, but change is part of life. I didn't have this race on my calendar this year, but since it is moved up one weekend and since there is a twelve hour option, it might be a good training race for SunMart.