Friday, August 20, 2004

First Day of School!

Except for non-stop torrential rain, the first day of school went as well as can be expected. Here are a few pictures:

Here is Lela, about to enter her classroom for the first day of school.

Here she is having some second thoughts and first day fears.

She's settled in and getting to business.

Mom did OK with only a few tears after we left the classroom. This will impact her more than anyone since she spent all day with Lela. She's considering her options, including volunteering, working, school, or sleeping.

Walking related, I had good walks yesterday and today. Yesterday I went to the track for my usual workout; I've increased my daily walks from 7 miles to 10-11 miles. Yesterday I felt good and pushed the pace quite a bit.

Distance: 11.20 miles
Time: 2:00:52
Pace: 10:47

Today I went to a local paved walking trail because the track was too waterlogged. The route is short so I tried some neighborhood walks to extend it. I was also pretty tired from lots of walking this week so I cut the walk short at 10 miles.

Distance: 10.10 miles
Time: 1:57:38
Pace: 11:38

I'm blogging from San Antonio. Our development project goes live tonight so I have to sit around until 9:00 pm, then go on site and test everything to make sure it transitioned to production correctly, then sleep, then fly home tomorrow morning. Luckily tomorrow is a rest day so I don't have to get a walk in. Sunday I'll do long miles, hopefully 33-34 if I'm feelng OK.

I also got another pair of shoes, New Balance 110s:

These are the only commercially available shoes specifically for racewalking. They are light and very flexible, but they don't offer much support, so I primarily use them for shorter distances. I use the NB 833s for longer walks, and Asics GT 2080 (since discontinued and replaced with 2090) for trail walks. They are road running shoes, not trail shoes, but they offer me the additional support and cushioning I need on hard trails and I don't want to spend money on a pair of trail shoes yet.