Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Three Days of Syllamo Official Results

The official results have been posted here. One of my days was adjusted downward; two were adjusted upward. Here is the final tally:

20k - 3:24:30 (16:27 pace; 33rd out of 37 men; 47th out of 57 overall)
60k - 9:27:22 (15:13 pace; 24th out of 32 men; 32nd out of 44 overall)
40k - 6:33:34 (15:50 pace; 19th out of 28 men; 26th out of 41 overall)

120k/74.4 miles - 19:25:20 (14th out of 20 men; 20th out of 30 overall)

This is almost always where I finish: top of the bottom third. But I'm happy with my finish and the great fun I had. I can't wait for next year.

FYI, the fastest men's time was 12:02:20; the fastest women's time was 13:38:20.