Monday, January 17, 2005

Great Trail Training Yesterday

I had a great training session yesterday at the North Shore Trail. I felt tired, but I was still fast and got faster and faster. Four of my five fastest splits were in the last five miles (of a twenty mile walk). Also, I got a negative split:

1st Half: 2:10
2nd Half: 2:07

My pace was faster than the last three training sessions on this trial even though this was the farthest distance:

12/26: 18.2 miles @ 14:42 pace
1/2: 12.21 miles @ 13.35 (mud and rain)
1/9: 15.25 miles @ 13:05
1/16: 20.3 miles @ 12:53

I'm not sure why yesterday was so good. I didn't change anything--same food, drink, gel, etc. I guess I'm just seeing the effects of my training, and I like them!

Distance: 20.3 miles
Time: 4:21:40
Pace: 12:53