Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Easy taper walk with new gear

I did a relatively easy and short walk today since it is taper week. I don't think it is a good idea to stop walking altogether, so I took two days off, then I'm going to walk today and tomorrow, then two more days off, then Marathon!

Distance: 6.33 miles
Time: 1:11:23
Pace: 11:16

During the walk I used my newest piece of gear: Ultimate Direction Gemini Bottle Belt. I've been looking at new hydration systems for a long time and finally decided on this one. It's got two bottles (total 40 oz.), two large pockets in the rear and, best of all, a small pocket in front, almost exactly in the center of the belt. I really like this pocket because it is big enough for a gel flask, some electrolyte caps and a few other small things (candy, chapstick, etc.). I wanted something with an easily accessible pocket, but because of the racewalking form I can't have any hip pockets (my hands hit them with every stride). The Ultimate Direction pack is very well designed and feels very snug and comfortable. I don't know if I would like running with it, but walking generates very little bounce so it is very comfortable.

It is obviously too much for a daily walk but I wanted to try it out before the marathon. I want to use it Sunday but didn't want to use it for the first time during the marathon. Now I can carry plenty of fluids, gel, e-caps, several Clif Bars, a small BodyGlide, some peanut butter pretzels, etc., with no problem.