Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Walking in an urban oasis?

I'm not sure urban oasis is the right term, but it was definitely an interesting walk. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to try to walk on the corporate campus of the client I am visiting. Well, I was successful and walked on their running/jogging trails for 10 miles (thanks Garmin Forerunner for helping me track my mileage! This is a great gadget!). During my walk I saw a skunk, two rabbits and at least fifteen deer. At one point I was about three feet from two grazing deer. It's definitely not the kind of thing you expect less than 100 feet from Interstate 10.

In any case, I got up very early and walked for almost two hours. I will need to do more training like this if I am going to increase my weekly mileage and acclimate my body to longer distances and more time on my feet.

I'm flying back to Dallas tonight, thank goodness. I've gotten so intolerant of business travel--it's such a drain and usually a bore. It will be great to be back home with my family tonight.