Thursday, March 18, 2004

Off to SXSW

I did more track training today. I've gotten to really enjoy the track in the mornings; it's sort of "no fuss" training. It's easier on my body and I can walk any distance I want. I don't mind the monotony--it gives me time to think. I did a little over seven miles at a decent pace, below marathon goal pace.

Now we're off to SXSW to see one of our good friends perform. His band, The Bigger Lovers is really great and they just released their latest album, This Affair Never Happened... And Here are Eleven Songs About It (read a review here). You can listen to some sample tracks here. Check out the tunes and then BUY THEIR ALBUMS! They are really great.

I'm taking Friday off for a one day taper before the Uptown Run 5k Saturday morning. I normally wouldn't race this close to a longer race (the Texas Marathon is March 28) but I wanted to run in the Kids K with my daughter so I thought I would race as well.