Monday, March 15, 2004

Yesterday's Long Walk

I didn't walk today because I did 18 miles at White Rock Lake yesterday and I wanted to give my body a rest. My first marathon is less than two weeks from now and I don't want to overtrain (I have that tendency). My training at the lake yesterday was good. I was below my goal race pace (goal pace is 11:27 or 5 hours; my training was at 11:21) and I felt good almost the entire time. I saw the woman from RunOn that waits on my frequently and who I'd seen just the day before. I think she was surprised to see me, and I bet she didn't know I was a racewalker.

I also saw a guy who I've seen at almost every local race I've ever been in. He always looks great and has cool solid color shoes (yellow or orange). He passed me and told me I looked good and had a good pace. That made me feel great since many runners don't respect racewalkers.

Tomorrow I'll do six easy miles before flying to San Antonio for work. I may do them on a track down the street to minimize the impact of the pavement on my body and to stay focused on form. I've never done that many miles on a track so it will be interesting to see how that feels, mentally and physically.