Monday, May 17, 2004

Age Graded Performance Comparison

I mentioned in a previous post that I have an age-graded performance spreadsheet that compares performances across different races, ages and genders (and includes both walking and running events), giving you a relative performance result. I thought I would share with you my half marathon results since I have done more half marathon races than any other distance. Here are my age graded performances to date:

2/14/04--58.39% (snow, ice and slush)

As you can see, a nice steady increase from race to race (with the exception of the "slush" half on 2/14/04), and a ten percent increase since my first half less than one year ago. I hope I can keep the upward trend going. My next half is tentatively scheduled for June 19 in San Antonio, but it will almost certainly be a hot and difficult race, so it may not be the most suitable race for a PR. We'll see!!