Sunday, May 02, 2004

Beautiful day for a long walk

Today is such a contrast to yesterday's terrible weather. Today it is sunny, breezy and 60's to 70's. A great day for a long walk.

Since my family is out of town I slept in and didn't get to White Rock Lake until 9:30. I'm not used to spending so much time in the sun! Normally I start walking at 6:00 and watch the sun come up, so today was a new experience.

Since I raced yesterday I didn't push hard, just went at a decent pace, two loops around the lake. A basic loop is about 9.25 miles so my total mileage for today was 18.5. I can feel it! I'm pretty sore, especially my legs. After a long walk I can't always straighten my knees for a few hours so I looked pretty silly at the grocery store. But that's the price we pay. The payoff is worth the pain.

Distance: 18.50 miles
Time: 3:31:44
Pace: 11:26