Sunday, May 09, 2004

Social walk today

Today while doing my long walk at the lake I ran into some members of DFW Racewalkers, the local racewalking club that I've been meaning to join. I slowed down my pace to chat with them (dropping from sub 11:00 miles to about 12:55 miles). Then I stopped my watch at a water stop and forgot to start it again. So I know I went about 10 miles today but I'm not really sure of the pace. It was a great day for a walk--it was overcast but didn't rain, the tempertature was in the 60s, lots of wildflowers and wildlife around the lake. Overall just a pleasure to be up and out and moving. I wish I could have walked longer but I don't want to push too hard the week before the North Trail Half Marathon next Sunday. Now it's time for some Mother's Day festivities. Happy Mother's Day to any mothers who happen to read this blog!