Thursday, July 15, 2004

Back at the track

I haven't been walking at the track since my Garmin was out of commission. I know, it sounds dumb, it's a track so I should know the distance but I never bothered to pay attention; I just let Garmin do all the work. So I was walking at a local jogging trail marked in 1/4 miles.

Since Garmin has returned and is working well I went back to the track, which I really prefer. Nothing too special today, 7+ miles. I considered doing 10 miles but I really needed to get back and start working, and I also didn't want to tax my recently sore legs. The seven miles felt good, although I did have some tightness/soreness in my left calf again at the very end. It's mostly gone now so I think I must have pulled something and it is slowly healing. If it's not better by the weekend I'll probably have to skip my long walk and do something more reasonable.

Distance: 7.10 miles
Time: 1:18:24
Pace: 11:03