Sunday, July 11, 2004


I reached a couple of milestones today. First I walked longer and farther than I've ever walked. I made three loops around the lake (a first time for that, too) that equaled about 27.54 miles. I purposely started out slow and stayed slow because I knew I'd never make it if I went out too fast. I read a quote by an ultramarathoner recently that I really liked and that I kept in my mind during my walk today: "Speed is sex...distance is love." Today I was looking for love. I wanted a commitment. I knew it wouldn't be easy; I knew we'd quarrel at times, that we would disagree, that my legs would turn on my mind, but I hoped that in the end I'd find long, lasting love.

What I loved most about today's walk was that I didn't crash. Believe me I was dying at the end; I started having a pretty bad cramp in my left calf for the last 1.75 miles, but I was afraid that if I stopped I wouldn't start again so I just walked it off and finished before rubbing it out in the car. It still hurts a lot now and I have a pretty funny gait, but I'm sure it will get better quickly. I'm eating a banana now to make sure my potassium levels are good.

Anyway, back to pace. I targeted a 12:30 pace and I ended up with 12:20. I frequently had to slow myself down, even in the later miles. In fact my fastest mile was 19, and I also had good pace at miles 22 and 23. So I feel good about my progress. I still have a long way before I'm ready for 100, and I know I'll have to slow down even further to be able to complete Ultracentric, but I can see myself slowly making progress.

Two other milestones this week:
1. I walked more miles this week than ever before: 67.3
2. I crossed the 1000 mile threshold. So far this year I've walked 1010.8 miles

Thanks to everyone for visiting this experiment in vanity! It's so strange to sit here and write all about ME ME ME. I want everyone to know how I enjoy reading all the other running blogs. There are so many inspirational and funny stories out there. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Distance: 27.54 miles
Time: 5:39:37
Pace: 12:20