Sunday, July 25, 2004

Great day today!

I had a great workout today. This was my first long walk since I took time off to heal my left calf, and everything was good. I did feel my calf more than I normally do; I was aware of a recent injury. But I made it the entire distance without any real discomfort, and I stretched well before, during and after. Now I'm feeling pretty good and am generally sore but don't feel anything unusual in my calf.

The weather was great. It was supposed to rain last night and this morning but the rain never came. Instead it was overcast and breezy and relatively cool for this time of year (80s).

I'll be traveling the next three weeks but I think I'll be able to do all of my training if I'm a little flexible. Then this horrible, terrible project will be finished and I'll be off to something new and hopefully more fulfilling. I've been so busy with this project that I actually had to work in the car while my wife drove me and my daughter from San Antonio to Dallas! We got home around midnight Thursday night and I had to work for four more hours, then get about four hours sleep, then work all day until about 7:00 pm and about five hours yesterday. I successfully completed a 108 page training document from scratch in that time, just in time since training starts on Wednesday!

I haven't caught up on everyone's blogs yet but will do so over the next few days. I hope everyone is having successful training and racing!!

Distance: 20.64 miles
Time: 4:00:02
Pace: 11:39