Monday, July 05, 2004

Long and REALLY Slow

I wanted to stick with my distance training so I went out to the lake today. I had hoped to do more than 20 (22-24) miles, but I was just so tired and uncomfortable that I stopped at about 19.75. I started extra early to avoid the heat but I still got some sunburn on my face and I must have sweat a couple of gallons! I've started switching out my headband and wristband after each loop of the lake (about 9.33 miles) and you wouldn't believe how soaked these things are! My clothes are totally drenched and dripping; even my shoes are wet. Does anyone else sweat like this or am I a freak?

On another note, I'm going out of town for work again today. Luckily I'm taking the family with me so they'll have a three-day mini-vacation while I work. We're headed to San Antonio and we'll be driving (love road trips!). I'm taking tomorrow off, then I'd like to find a place to do long miles (maybe 15?) on Wednesday, then a normal 7+ on Thursday before driving back Thursday afternoon/evening.

I may or may not post while I'm gone, just depends on my schedule. I'll look forward to catching up on everyone's posts when I get back.

Happy running/walking!

Distance: 19.75 miles
Time: 3:57:06
Pace: 12:00