Friday, April 09, 2004

Another good training day

I walked 6+ miles at the track today and maintained the same pace I walked yesterday (10:57). This is a pretty fast training pace for me and it feels good to be pushing myself again. For a while I did a lot of racing, which made me too tired to push my training walks. Then I was training for the Texas Marathon, so the long miles wore me out. I'm still trying to do long weekend miles but I feel like I've gotten stronger as a result of the racing and long distances.

Normally I would take tomorrow off and train long on Sunday, but since I have family plans Sunday morning I'm going to do 20-22 miles at White Rock Lake tomorrow. I probably should have taken today off to rest before my long miles but since I missed so much training this week I really didn't want to miss today. I hope I don't regret it tomorrow.

Distance: 6.12 miles
Time: 1:07:05
Pace: 10:57