Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Great training today!

I had another great A. Tempo training session today! Considering that I walked 19 miles on Sunday and was pretty beat afterwards, I was really surprised with my results today. My splits were:

9:43 !!!

What's great is that I felt tired afterwards, but not totally exhausted. 10:10 is almost my 5k and 5 mile PR pace, and 9:43 is below any pace I've ever raced (I hit 9:30 once in a 5k but I didn't sustain it). I'm very pleased with these splits. I think maybe I can finish my upcoming 8k in below 10:00 per min. pace! That would be so awesome and the first time I would be able to maintain that speed over distance. We'll see.....

Distance: 7.16 miles
Time: 1:16:05
Pace: 10:37

3x8 pushups
3x10 situps