Friday, June 25, 2004

I'm a little behind

I didn't get around to posting yesterday. Not much going on here. Still celebrating my daughter's birthday! Her party is actually this Sunday (we had to push it due to scheduling conflicts) so we'll be preparing for that this weekend. It's a "Lord of the Rings" themed party; she's dressing up as Arwen (pointy ears and all). I'm still hoping to get up early and get in a long walk (22 miles?) on Sunday morning before preparing for the party.

Yesterday I was pretty tired and just did an easy 7+ miles. It's ironic because an easy pace (11:30 - 11:50) is still about two minutes faster per mile than my 24-hour pace will be. I'm actually going to start training at that slower pace on some of my long walks to get myself used to the slower pace.

Distance: 7.21 miles
Time: 1:25:32
Pace: 11:51

4x8 pushups
3x10 situps

Today I also did 7+ miles, a little bit faster than yesterday. I'm glad tomorrow is a rest day because I need a chance to sleep in. Since we are entertaining our 10 year old nephew this week we've been very busy and I've been getting to bed rather late. My alarm goes off at 4:45 AM so late nights are really hard for me.

Distance: 7.07 miles
Time: 1:19:33
Pace: 11:15

4x8 pushups
4x10 situps

Good weekend running, everyone, and good luck to all those racing (Charlotte has a Half Marathon this weekend. Go, Charlotte!!!)