Monday, June 28, 2004

Weekend Recap

This has been a busy week and weekend! My ten year old nephew has been visiting for the week so we've been very busy entertaining him. My daughter's birthday was last Monday but her party was yesterday, so we've had a week of birthday celebrations and preparations. Wednesday night we went to Medieval Times (ugh, but the kids loved it). Friday night we went to the Texas Rangers game. Saturday night we went to a wedding. Sunday afternoon was the official birthday party (Lord of the Rings theme, Lela dressed up as Arwen [including pointy elfin ears]).

I managed to get in my long walk yesterday but in order to get home in time to prepare for the party I had to get up at 4:00 AM (ugh again!). It was misting as I drove to the lake, but by the time I got there it was a full rain storm. I promised myself I'd start walking by 5:00, so at 5:01 AM I stepped out of the car and into the rain. It rained almost the entire walk; I was soaked to the bone, including my shoes and socks, but miraculously I didn't get a single blister. I think my feet are magic! In all my training and racing the only blisters I've ever gotten have been very small blisters on the tips of a couple of toes, and they have never hurt or bothered me while walking.

My long walk was great--I reached my goal of 22 miles and maintained a good, even pace (11:35). I was definitely tired and sore at the end but I spent the rest of the day on my feet (preparing for the party, hosting the party, cleaning up afterwards) and I felt good the whole time.

This week my training will be off a little bit because of the Flagpole 8k on July 4th. I'm planning to walk 10 miles tomorrow, 7 miles on Wednesday and Thursday, then taper on Friday/Saturday, race on Sunday, then long walk on Monday July 5th. I don't want to let up on my long distances because I don't have much time before Ultracentric.

Good running/walking, everyone!

Distance: 22.00 miles
Time: 4:14:46
Pace: 11:35