Friday, June 18, 2004

Whew! Warm and muggy this morning

When I opened the door this morning at 5:15 AM the muggy air hit me like a wall. It's getting hot down here in Texas. I did my usual route to the track and back, a little slower than yesterday. I did decide to carry a water bottle and I think that helped; I didn't feel so parched and tired when I got home. By 30 minutes into my walk all of the ice had melted; by the end of the walk the remaining water was tepid. I miss Fall/Winter training!

This weekend I've got to spend some time working on the yard! We'll also go to the Farmer's Market (we've gotten addicted to that place after only two weeks) and then a wedding tomorrow night.

Sunday I'll do 24 miles at the lake, then my Father-in-Law and his wife are coming to our house for Father's Day dinner. Looks like a full weekend! Good running/walking, everyone!

Distance: 7.13 miles
Time: 1:20:44
Pace: 11:19